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Our Mission and Values:

Our mission is to provide Private Individuals,  small and medium companies with a personal and pro-active approach to maintaining and improving their I.T infrastructure and Services.

To be an affordable and approachable I.T company that is open minded, dependable, honest and committed to your brand.
We believe in excellence and with innovation we can find the right solution, services and products to meet your needs.


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20 Years Of Experience in the field of I.T speaks for itself!
In the world we live in, giving less and taking more,
charging an "arm and leg", this is what we
stand AGAINST!

Why Consider
VoXcoMM I.T?

Why make us your Tech number 1:

We believe that you as an individual, your brand your company is the most important brand to build, when you accept us and allow us into your brand, company and home we support you and your brand fully and we will do whatever it takes in making your technology work for you, so that you and your brand operates at an optimal rate.
We are
affordable, we do not rush to get things done, we make sure that you get good quality products, services and support.

When we are dealing with you, YOU are our number ONE focus


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