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Laptop, Smartphone, Desktop
maintenance and Repairs.
Viruses, software.


Specials Prices and Special Packages saving you Money!

Company Services

I.T Support Services

We offer I.T Support Services to Small and Medium Based Companies.
We also offer I.T Support services to individuals.
Our Callout Fees Companies are set at R400 includes your first hour, thereafter rates are set at R350.00.
If you are an individual
we charge you at an affordable rate this is based on where you are located and the I.T issue at hand.
Network Support, Desktop Support, Server Support, Software Support, Microsoft and Apple

Feel free to contact us about our Rates some services do not include hourly rates but are set at a specific price! Saving you Money!



We also do Graphic Design so if you need a Logo and Website, we can get that
sorted for you as well!
Our Hosting Services are also very Well Priced Starting at R100 per month!

I.T services latop sales computers desktops



We do Website Design and can Also do your hosting for you!
Our Website Packages start at R750 for a Website. Contact us
for more information!

Our Logo Design is very well Priced, our Logo Design Packages includes,
Logo Design, Business card Design, Email Signature and LetterHead Design,
starting for as little as R650 you can have your own Professional Logo fr your Business!

More Information

Social Media
and Online Marketing 

We have the Best Internet and Social Media Marketers available!

Be sure to equire about our Social Media and Internet Marketing Packages, starting from R500 per month.
Let our team can get your Business and Website straight into the eyes of the people that wants to use your services...and the eyes of the people needing your products and services!

You should know that this new way of Digital Marketing is taking off at a rapid rate...if you are not in...then you are OUT...
THIS is the future, get onto the I.T and Social Media Bus...COME ON! We got you covered at VoXcoMM I.T!

If you are STILL not convinced that VoXcoMM I.T should be your next I.T Partner,
I.T Support Team, Website Developers, Web Hosts, Graphic Designers, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone suppliers...Then keep on browsing...soon our name will be heard all over the Western Cape!


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Full Packages

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